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Gateshead Taxis - The domain name is for sale
Gateshead Taxis - The domain name is for sale

Due to a change in my circumstances - health issues and a change of priorities, the and domain names are for sale £175 £189
Both Together : £320 - Save £44 / - Buy Now

Whether it's for your first website, creating a locally-targeted landing page, or simply forwarding to your current website - these memorable domain names are ideal for advertising, social media & word-of-mouth

Instantly gain status, prestige, importance and increased presence in the Gateshead area

Really take control of the 'Gateshead Taxis' brand with both domains ... at a substantial discount

  • Same owner since 2009 - I am not local - no conflict of interests or favouritism

  • Clean history - neither domain has ever been an active website, apart from the pages you're reading now, created recently

  • Price includes all transfer fees - quick & easy transfer process

  • Freshly renewed, next renewal date : 21/03/19

  • Internet users looking for "taxis in Gateshead" are much more likely to click on a website named or than one that doesn't mention the area
Liveried vehicles are mobile adverts! Liveried vehicles are mobile adverts!

So, why buy both domain names?
Each domain name has it's own unique advantages - this is why the 'best of both worlds' is to buy both...

  • 'Hyphenated' domain names like are seen as two separate words by search engines like Google, and will appear higher up the results page than for 'multi-word' searches like "taxis in Gateshead", "taxi to Gateshead" or "taxi from Gateshead to...."

  • 'Non-Hyphenated' domain names like are often the first thought when someone thinks of a domain name... word-of-mouth recommendations like "you should try Gateshead taxis, they're good" ... most people will go to, without thinking of adding a 'dash' and going to

  • You can forward visitors to both domains to your main website, or create one landing page they can both point to, or even make one for each - if they are designed differently from each other this can work very well too

The "Authority" of domains like & will win you those long distance jobs & airport transfers which are usually researched/booked online with the job going to whoever seems the most prominent in the area, if prices are similar

The prestige of an email address like '' looks professional for corporate and business clients, and immediately gives the impression that you are an established representative of your company - people will feel reassured knowing they have 'made a contact' in your company, not just emailing a nameless gmail address or similar

Gateshead Taxis - A truly descriptive and memorable domain name is for saleGateshead Taxis - A truly descriptive and memorable domain name is for sale

Apart from this page and pages to do with this offer (created 29/04/18), there has never been a website on these domains - they are totally 'clean' - never been used or promoted, no affiliate links, no paid-for adverts, no spamming or dodgy pages that might penalise a new site using either domain... It's a perfect springboard to instantly give you status, importance & visibility in your area

I have owned these domain names since i registered them in March 2009 (I am their first & only owner), the current registration is paid for until March 2019 (uk domains are renewed every year, approx. £7 a year) - you can verify the ownership details, registration & renewal dates at Nominets' website - the official body who oversee UK domain registrations :

Gateshead Taxis - The domain name is for sale Gateshead Taxis - The domain name is for sale / - Buy Now

Being area-specific, and service describing, & are 'pre-qualifying' - everyone will immediately know where you are and what you do... no wasted clicks on Adwords or random enquiries from the other side of the country

The owner/s of these domains have the right to register the .uk (without the ".co" bit) version of their name & if they wish - it is reserved for them until June 2019.
This brings us into line with other countries, like Germany .de, France .fr, Spain .es, Canada .ca, so it's definitely worth having as well

Some other domain names i have for sale... discounts available for multiple purchases (see all) :

The domain name is also for
The domain name is also for
The domain name is also for

Buyers of other domains i've sold have told me it's marked a real "turning-point" for their business... "something to really build on!"

This is a once-only chance, first-come, first-served - If you've had a text, letter or email about this, so will the other Taxi firms in Gateshead...

It's a bargain for you or the competition

At these prices they're a no-brainer! / - Buy Now

Sadly (for me) with the initial registration, 9 years of renewals, and me paying the Nominet transfer fee, I am breaking even and not much more, but hopefully I have priced these domain names 'to sell' and i don't expect this opportunity to hang around for long

Highly targeted domain names like these attract high prices at domain sales and auctions - a lot more than i am asking

I am not a company, I am a private individual, I am not VAT registered but I can issue an invoice/receipt for the purchase

I can deal with the transfer, it's very quick and easy - i literally just need payment and an email address for Nominet to contact you on

If you need it, I can advise you how to get the domain up and running for maximum effect - quickly, cheaply and painlessly.

Interested parties should visit our Buy It Now page to secure the domain name immediately, or contact me ASAP

For more details about me, how i came to own this domain name in the first place, and more about why buying will be a huge advantage to you, please read the more info page

Thanks for reading, regards, Jim Aitken

Telephone : 01306-881137

Please leave a message if you get the "Communication Eleven" voicemail - that's my dayjob

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It's probably best to phone or email me, but if you prefer to write :

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